Training and Development

"This is a goldmine of honest behavioral assessment which can assist me in my leadership role in my company
and with my family and friends. The importance of body language was a key discovery." ~ Client, Adult

No prior knowledge of horses is necessary as EED has nothing to do with horsemanship or riding.
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Stable-Spirit provides training and development opportunities to companies, groups, and individuals using Equine Experiential Development (EED). In EED, an equine professional and success coach, involve horses in experiential activities on the ground with a focus toward relating interactions with the horses to ineractions in life. It is amazing how the horses' response to attendees reveals strengths and weakness, offering a powerful experiential opportunity to determine what’s needed to effect positive change. EED can be compared to a ROPES course, but has the added advantage of using live beings that respond to our intentions. Funds generated by EED programs help fund EAP services to those who could not otherwise afford it.

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Results of EED include, but are not limited to enhancement in these areas:

• Management & Leadership
   • Increase Motivation
   • Build Trust
   • Improve Problem Solving Skills
   • Expand Creative Thinking

• Confidence Building
   • Overcome Fears
   • Embrace Challenges
   • Foster New Ideas
   • Accept Change

• Communication Skills
   • Understand the Communication Process
   • Enhance Listening Skills
   • Recognize Non-Verbal Communication
   • Improve Verbal Communication
   • Expand Creative Thinking

• Goal Setting
   • Identify & Attain Team Goals
   • Learn How Personal & Team Goals Mesh

• Team Building
   • Comprehend Team Member Roles &
   • Identify & Attain Personal Goals
   • Improve Team Member Effectiveness
   • Work Positively with Different Personalities

• Gaining Personal Insight
   • Recognize and Adapt to the Personality
   • Traits of Others
   • Recognize Your Own Personality Traits

Stable-Spirit offers success programs to corporations, businesses, and other organizations. Up to 10 staff members may participate in the arena, at one time, with up to eight horses on the property of Stable-Spirit. Larger groups may rotate as spectator and observer. Each activity lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and are often combined to create a full day program. Program activities can be custom designed to address challenges and schedules specific to each client's organization.


EED activities can be designed to provide opportunities for leadership skills to be exercised. The horses will let you know what kind of a leader you are and demonstrate the effectiveness of your leadership style as well as reveal influences that you may want to improve upon.


Horses are masters of nonverbal communication and since only 10% of our communication is verbal, it is very enlightening to learn what the horses understand us to be saying when we haven’t said a word! Most every activity with the horses will mirror the power of our unsaid expression.


Team building activities can be designed for any organization, group, or family that wants to improve their efforts as a team. Your experience with the horses will signify the strengths of each teammate as well as indicate ways you can improve your team building skills at school, work, and home.


Life is full of obstacles and hurdles. They can either be a barrier to success or an opportunity for growth and development. The horses can help you achieve success in the activities by responding to approaches that help you, and approaches that hinder you, in attaining your goals.

Funds generated by paying clients, grants and donations go toward providing services
to those who otherwise could not afford it, ultimately resulting in a better community.

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This experience was a fun-yet-educational experience. I learned a lot about life! And, about horses, too! I really enjoyed it here! I learned about thinking before acting, making good choices, looking at situations differently, looking at what you can do instead of what you can't, facing "obstacles", and everything else. ~ Client, Age 16

I've learned to never give up when I get frustrated and keep trying and sooner or later I would get it. ~ Client, Age 14

This has helped me experience a lot of difficult, but exciting fun techniques to help me in the future. I have learned that don't take others for granted, not only that, but follow directions. ~ Client, Age 13

I was long overdue in being reminded that I carry the load, don't delegate and try too hard to make others happy with me. ~ Client, Adult

This experience taught me that the students are capable of more than I see in the classroom. You kept the students attention and engaged them until each one could communicate something specific. You effectively tied everything to a specific application. ~ Client, Teacher

My experience taught me that when the opportunity comes, to take it and not let anyone step on you or put you down. ~ Client, Teen

I learned that you don't have to be scared about something that is bigger than you. ~ Client, Teen

EED taught me to not really care what people say and to believe in myself. ~ Client, Teen

I learned that I really like to learn. ~ Client, Teen

I was interested in EED because it taught me team work, to talk to each other and to listen. ~ Client, Teen

Learning through experiential exercises is the most effective way to teach. ~ Client, Teacher

I am really struck with the process and how much I got out of this that I had no idea of getting. It has really changed how I look at every aspect of my life. Thanks so much. ~ Client, Adult

My experience taught me that I don't have to figure things out by myself. I can ask for help. Team work makes goals easier to reach. Each session built on the last one, facilitating insight an learning and applying it to my life in the intervening weeks. ~ Client, Adult

It brought out and helped me to see my issues with control--how it keeps me from achieving what I want. Control is a barrier I put for myself. This helped me to see how I turn most situations into control issues. ~ Client, Adult

I learned how to get out of my own way and gained an awareness of how I was doing the blocking. ~ Client, Adult

Keeping a balance in my life would be much easier if I'd ask for help instead of trying to do everything myself. Also, if I put too much energy
into protecting the important things in my World, I can end up feeling very isolated. ~ Client, Adult

The horses taught me that I really need to not be so locked in my opinion and beliefs about how to handle situations or people – that I can't expect others to adjust to me always, that I need to adjust to them and adjust my perspectives. ~ Client, Adult

My experience taught me that I need to find a balance between my comfort zone and 'obligations'. I could think about redefining friendship to fit each individual relationship. ~ Client, Adult

I think of myself as being "in charge" and the horses knew better. I had to get creative when things happened that I had not anticipated. I'm really happy to have had this experience. ~ Client, Adult

I learned to be patient with things and not be so eager to solve a problem -- think about it. ~ Client, Adult

I have a lot of room for improvement, but I do have a lot of good qualities. ~ Client, Adult

I learned that I need more training in some fields. ~ Client, Adult