Draw Down Fundraiser

Our 5th Annual Golden Draw Down will be June 29th, 5:00-10pm at the Orange County Convention and Expo Center (11475 FM 1442, Orange, TX 77630).

What is a Draw Down? Participating in a “draw down” event is fun for all attendees. Each person is assigned a number to begin the event. All of the numbers are placed into a hopper, and the excitement begins! The goal of the event is to not have your number drawn until the end. The final numbers remaining at the end of the event are the winners of the top prizes! For the Stable-Spirit Draw Down, random numbers drawn throughout the evening are also winners! There will be door prizes given periodically as numbers are drawn so everyone has an opportunity to win. How can you have your number drawn more than once? If you want an additional chance to win the top prizes, you can purchase “insurance” on your number. For $25.00, the insurance allows your number to go back into the hopper after it is drawn the first time. This means you have a 2nd chance at winning both the door prizes and the top prizes. Insurance can be purchased in advance or the day of the event before the first number is drawn. Additional Activities Guests have the opportunity to participate in other activities throughout the evening: 50/50 Raffle Live Auction Gift Card Drawing Gun Raffles Heads and Tails Game More details for each of these will be provided throughout the evening.